41st World Health, Fitness, Wellness and Martial Arts Expo

March 19, 2016 - Orlando, Florida

A message from Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed

Grand Master Dr. Ibraham Ahmed
The Stars for Charity World Health-Fitness-Wellness and Martial Arts Expo has been in existence for 41Years. It started off as a Martial Arts Tournament and has grown today to offer so much more. Bringingsome of the best Martial Artists ,Health, Fitness, Wellness and leisure time Sponsors and Vendorsexhibiting in its exhibit hall.Some of its past sponsors have been Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Total Health Care, CBM Physician Network,MGM Grand Casino Detroit, Arbonne International, the County of Wayne, St Mary’s Hospital, HenryFord Hospital, Natural health world including Dr John Gray who wrote the book “Men are from Mars andWomen are from Venus” bringing a sponsorship for Isagenix and many, many more………….This coming year’s event is hoping to take things over the top with a Dragon Festival Exhibit hall theme.We have attracted some of the best stars and Martial Artists in the World to educate us at this greatevent. We will continue to announce famous Dragons as they join on.Yes these Celebrities will be there to sign autographs, take pictures and pull in a crowd. Participants from 24 workshops in will be taking there breaks in the exhibit hall visiting Sponsors and Vendors. Martial Artists and Fitness enthusiasts will be able to get involved in the many workshops and then go enjoy all that the Orlando area has to offer including Disney World, Universal Studio, Sea World, Lego Land and much, much more. An adventure for the whole family.

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