This note is to inform you that the event scheduled at Hilton Orlando the 41st World Health Fitness Wellness and Martial Arts Expo (Stars for Charity Expo) has been canceled for March 19th, 2016.

I want to thank those that were scheduled to participate in it as presenters and those that we’re planning to attend. I will inform you of future activities and events.

Thank you for all your caring, willingness to teach, learn and help others in the Health and Martial Arts!

I wish you all also a Happy New Year!

GM Dr Ibraham Ahmed

Upcoming Events:

October 22, 2016

World Champion Bo Workshop


This workshop will be conducted by Trace Megellas 27 X National and International Champion of Extreme Weapons Form (teaching techniques to use with Bo that make you a champion and improve your competition skills) and Grand Master Dr Ibraham Ahmed (featured in January 2016 TKD and Martial Arts Magazine and Black Belt Magazine) will be teaching Bo staff fighting form. You get both seminars for the one enrollment price–don’t miss your chance to train with two of the best!