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"Men knew right from wrong long before God and the bible was dreamt up. Moral values don't come from an old book, they come from us as we evolve."

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The Girl Up The Block That I Want To Fuck 01 - Scene 1

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  • Vudogrel wrote 07.02.2018, 12:09: #1

    If you were DETAINED for a crime, you are not taking your child with you. You keep trying to compare it to a misdemeanor because you honestly have no argument otherwise.

  • Felmaran wrote 14.02.2018, 21:13: #2

    There's no proof Flynn lied. There's plenty of proof Wolfe did. Flynn was railroaded and will be exonerated, you'll see.

  • Знакомства
    Zolojora wrote 23.02.2018, 03:34: #3

    If jesus existed, and no one has shown that he did or didn't exist, we can be sure he was nothing at all like contemporary christianity would like to portray him.

  • Знакомства
    Jucage wrote 27.02.2018, 03:21: #4

    And this person wonders why they are an ex????

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Faesida wrote 04.03.2018, 15:08: #5

    So he didn't like Crete? I figured he might have had something against the people of Lesbos.

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Sazragore wrote 13.03.2018, 17:05: #6

    Yes it cleary seems to do so in a way, but I understand the reasoning why they had been reluctant very well.

  • Знакомства
    Kajile wrote 18.03.2018, 23:04: #7

    It works like this, Paddleman...

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Vushakar wrote 25.03.2018, 23:43: #8

    Yeah. I clearly meant Jazz.

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Sasho wrote 27.03.2018, 14:50: #9

    Caesar's image was on the coins, so Jesus told them to give them (the coins) to Caesar. He continued by saying they should give God that which belongs to Him.

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Juzshura wrote 28.03.2018, 18:24: #10

    One of many, many interpretations

  • Tet wrote 07.04.2018, 13:18: #11

    Ya know, I might be fine with the wall if it was something beautiful, like the Great wall... But no, it's gotta be ugly *sigh*

  • Zuramar wrote 12.04.2018, 17:07: #12

    Evolutionist is a pejorative used by creationists who purposefully choose to be ignorant about science.

  • Знакомства
    JoJoran wrote 14.04.2018, 07:24: #13

    > If an intelligent being wanted to create a 'home' for X, it is inconsistent for that 'home' to be almost entirely inhospitable for X. Would you agree?

  • Moogumuro wrote 20.04.2018, 19:09: #14

    Shun all GOPigs from civilized society.

  • Знакомства
    Grogor wrote 25.04.2018, 16:18: #15

    Uhhh....circumcision is nothing like castration. You know that right?

  • Tolkis wrote 04.05.2018, 07:30: #16

    That's too simple. Slavery was eradicated, at least in pretense, with the civil war. It took people who truly believed it wrong to fight and die for that stance.

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Tojajas wrote 09.05.2018, 22:51: #17

    None of those other writings pretend to be "the word of God", nor are they viewed as words that all must read, believe, embrace and live by or spend an eternity in hell.

  • Gardam wrote 16.05.2018, 19:10: #18

    if you want paid time off you have to do more than just mod the channel :)

  • Dugor wrote 22.05.2018, 13:57: #19

    Not among my friends. Men are to blame for everything. They say it so often I am having sympathy for the devil.

  • Ivana fukalot lesbian tube
    Kazishura wrote 01.06.2018, 10:30: #20

    I didn't say singularity has relation with atheism. I meant ignorance in science and theology is responsible of pushing people toward atheism. Singularity is nothing real but it's a state of the theory of relativity incapability. You would not have singularity if you solved the equations by the quantum theory or the theory of everything if they could derive it in the future. As I said to Primewonk, singularity is only found in relativity theory because it couldn't work before the Planck time [10*-43 seconds] or any other tiny measurements but that doesn't mean, there is no zero time. This is the job of other laws which is the Quantum mechanics because it could deal with very small measures in physics and when they find evidence, they could know what happened between the zero second and the Planck time where the singularity exists.

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